Our vote on Athens [Updated]

Tezos first proposal called “Athens”

Nomadic Labs introduced the first Tezos on-chain proposal named Athens in early 2019, as the first letter of the Alphabet, which refers the to the first vote.

They are proposing two options:

  • Athens B would upgrade only the gas limit
  • Athens A would also increase gas limits and introduce a smaller roll size by bringing down 1 roll from 10000ꜩ -> 8000ꜩ.

Our stand on the vote

Currently we don’t have any external delegates, but we belive in a more decentralized future. We see Tezos as an open network with an increasing number of staking services. We are voting for Athens A to lower barriers of entry, therefore making the network more decentralized and accessible for everyone.

You can find our vote here.

[Updated May 11, 2019] We also voted on promotion (final phase) vote Yay to support lowered roll amounts. You can find our vote here.

In future votes we would encourage delegators to show their opinion on a given proposal. TezVote helps you express your stand in every on-chain proposal. By sending a fraction of a ꜩ you can help us decide, which way should we vote to represent every delegates voice.

Source: Nomadic Labs https://blog.nomadic-labs.com/athens-our-proposals-for-the-first-voted-amendment.html

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