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Delegated Capital is an open-source staking service running on the Tezos network. It enables any individual or entity to stake Tezos by delegation and earn interest on it.

About Delegated Capital

We are deeply driven by innovation. This main driving force leads us everyday to discover new protocols and experiment with fundamentally new business models. Thus we are closely tracking development of the Tezos ecosystem that welds everything together that is successful in leading distributed ledger technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while improving on their failures like consensus and governance. It enables any individual or community to launch investment services on the top of the Tezos protocol.

We are passionate about building a simple delegation service on Tezos to enable anybody to make a deposit of any amount to achieve an annual interest rate on it. This single feature enables crypto HODLers to generate risk free dividend-like reward by holding XTZ. More about staking mechanism.

Our on-chain governance philosophy

We are encouraging every delegator to use TezVote to inform us about your vote precefernce. We are focusing on complete transparency for our delegators.

  • Athens Testing vote Yay
  • Athens Promotion vote Yay
  • Babylon 2.0 Proposal vote Yay
  • Babylon 2.0 Testing vote Yay
  • Babylon 2.0 Promotion vote Yay
  • Carthage 2.0 Promotion vote Yay

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Our Staking Service

We first stumbled upon the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2013 and experimenting with emerging blockchain technologies since then. We quickly understood the full potential these technologies can bring. We are aiming to bring these features to the people by running an easy to use and reliable staking service.

We are running our service since cycle 93.

Open for delegation

We started our service with passion in cycle 93 with 100% privately held funds secured with hardware wallets.

Low fees

Service fees are 8% of total reward to ensure upkeep of operations. Rewards are paid continously on every cycle.

Global availability

Servers are located in the hearth of Europe to ensure maximum availability and censorship-free enviroment.

High-level hardware security

Our service runs on a dedicated server in a secured location with hardware wallet hardening (Ed25519 encryption). The servers are running on multiple backups for maximum uptime.

Delegated Capital is OPEN

    • Delegation address is tz1ZRWFLgT9sz8iFi1VYWPfRYeUvUSFAaDao
    • Payments are distributed on every cycle
    • Rewards are charged with 8% fee
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